Earlier this summer, Zach Williams visited a prison based in Nashville, Tennessee and preformed an acoustic set with the intention of bringing hope and healing to the men incarcerated there. The project was in partnership with the local non-profit program, Men of Valor Harding Prison. Men Of Valor Harding Prison is a one-year program that reconciles incarcerated men with their families, to society, and to God. The program provides aftercare and re-entry services 24/7 and, through encouragement and support, helps men become responsible citizens once they serve their sentence. Williams recorded, and released, a live EP titled “Surviver: Live From Harding Prison.” The EP features 5 of his biggest hits and Bethel Music’s “No Longer Slaves” along with interviews of some of the inmates sharing their personal testimonies. 4 interviews have been posted on Zach Williams YouTube channel and the rest are soon to follow.