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BigBigHit Background

Our fearless leader helped oversee a bi-weekly forward-thinking private music publication in the USA in the late ’90s and into early 2001. The highly respected Progressive Airplay Journal covered positive Rock, Pop, Rhythmic (a combination of Hip-Hop and Dance tracks), and Heavy Metal (also called Loud) genres, including music charts for each area. In 2001, Radio & Records, the #1 radio trade publication in the country,¬†absorbed PRA, when Rick Welke was hired as the mainstream publication’s Christian Music Editor. It was the first time the weekly music newspaper carried Christian radio charts within its pages. Those same charts¬†are included within the pages of Billboard magazine today, as Billboard purchased R&R in 2006.

Now, after a few years of doing extensive research, and chatting with data keepers and industry personnel across the globe, Welke, along with the BigBigHit staff, have created the website and subsequent charts you now see before you. The charts included within the site are a labor of love – loving the art, music, and the artists that make it. But not just any music, but the art that is meant to uplift the spirit of the individual consuming it. And the lyrics that point toward a positive life journey with each other, and our Creator.

Music Charts

The charts have been designed to come from a fan-based perspective, unlike any other “chart structure” within the music industry. It includes as many points of impact – what we call an “Impact Quotient” (IQ) – with the fan as possible from every element of interaction between the artist, their song, and the music fan. We know … what a concept. But we are extremely passionate about what we do and how we do it, just as the artist is passionate about their completed piece of artwork.

We hope that YOU and other passionate music lovers like yourself will enjoy all that we have to offer. And that you will SHARE US with your music friends in whatever ways that you can. Because we’ve just begun, and … WE. LOVE. ARTISTS.

BigBigHit Staff, News & Music Submissions

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